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 Vespa Club of America - A non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to riding and restoring European motorscooters. The club serves as a community for people to share their passion for vintage and modern Vespas and European-derived scooters such as the Stella and Bajaj. While its origins are rooted on the iconic Vespa scooter, the club welcomes all scooter enthusiasts no matter what they ride.


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 Vespa Club Hamburg 1950 - The 50s and 60s were the golden years for the Vespa. In addition to a new lifestyle where scooters where seen as cheap means of transport - and later as a status symbol - these decades saw the birth of an active Vespa club scene. Founded on August 22, 1950 the Vespa Club Hamburg 1950 is still on the road on numerous meetings and runs, keeping its flag high.

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