Vespa Clubs in Washington

 Vespa Club of Seattle - The Vespa Club of Seattle was formed to provide a good way of organizing all the different types of scooter riders in Seattle into a group that does not revolve around music, fashion or one particular lifestyle, but simply held together by the love of the Vespa scooter. The main mission of the Vespa Club of Seattle is to promote both the Vespa scooter and the goodwill of its many diverse riders to our community.
 Firkin Scooter Club - A gaggle of South Sound Scooter enthusiasts in Tacoma who also enjoy a healthy penchant for brewed hops, barley and yeast.
 MetroBetties Scooter Club - Founded in 2012, the MetroBetties Scooter Club is a group of Seattle women dedicated to fun, friendship and riding scooters. Our goal is to bring together women who have an appreciation and passion for scooters while developing new friendships. We also support community organization Homeless in Seattle to raise awareness and change the negative stereotypes against the homeless.
 Squires Scooter Club - A motley band of merry folk in Tacoma who celebrate a vintage-centric scooter culture, reigning and rampaging through the forests and valleys of the south Puget Sound.

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